Vessels of Honor 2021

The goal of the conference is to see believers yield themselves as vessels available to God, sanctified and pure, prepared for the Master’s use. The theme of the Vessels of Honor 2021 conference is “Living for God – Lessons from the Lives of David and Peter”. The conference is for young adults, minimum age of 18, and is scheduled for Memorial Day weekend, May 28-31, 2021.



Bob Upton

Bob Upton is an elder at an assembly in St. Paul, Minnesota. He's a graphic designer by trade and a particularly gifted singer, but his true passion is the work of the Lord as he ministers locally and itinerantly. His gift is well appreciated in the body of Christ. This will be Bob's first time joining us at Vessels and will be taking up the topic of the life of Peter in the general session seminars.

Randy Hoffman

Randy Hoffman resides in Heidelburg, Ontario and is an elder at his local assembly, and itinerant worker, and he exercises his shepherding gift locally, regionally, and continentally. He is one of the organizers of the North American Week of Prayer, which has been a great benefit to the body of Christ. Randy is a regular at Vessels, and will be joining us via Zoom to examine the life of David.

Living for God — The Lives of David & Peter

 Vessels 2021 Location

Calvary University

Due to the complexities of COVID-19, we will not be holding Vessels at our usual Park University. This year we will be borrowing the Belton Campus of Calvary University for the weekend. Just south of the Kansas City metro, Calvary offers dining, lodging, and an array of options for lectures, worship, prayer and fellowship.

Check-in starts at 4:30 on Friday. Please be sure to bring your own bedding, since those are not included. All rooms are double occupancy and each room has it's own bathroom. There are two rooms and a living area in most suites.

 Vessels 2021

Seminar Speakers

Every year at Vessels, a team of seminar speakers presents on a range of topics to share what the Lord has put on their hearts for the next generation of believers. Each seminar is given twice to allow for the maximum number of attendees, while still maintaining a classroom-like dynamic. Be sure to mark your choices in your registration forms!

What is Grace?

Bob Upton

One of the most amazing words to learn is the word grace. The problem is that grace is often misunderstood. But when you truly grasp the truth that grace came by Jesus Christ, it will literally change your life. This seminar will give you a clear, simple understanding of what the Bible teaches us -- that we are saved by grace, we stand in grace, and we grow in grace. It gets you started and it leads you home. It’s grace the whole way

False Doctrines Gaining Traction in the Contemporary Church

Jonathan Peck

Examining some of the heresies and false doctrines creeping into present-day churches

Order Your Behavior - Living OUT An Intentional Life

Mark Lightfoot

In different areas of our life, from jobs to relationships to our service to the Lord to raising a family, how do we live intentionally for Jesus Christ? How can we live with purpose when we may not see clearly the plan God has for us?

Mental Health meets Covid

June Peck

Lockdowns, masks, Zoom, vaccines - what effect has Covid had on our mental health? This seminar will explore some medical and psychological and Biblical views on handling stress.

Marriage Perspectives for a Skittish Unmarried Generation

Jonathan Peck

Reorienting our hearts and minds to God’s view of marriage and commitment so we are not afraid of marriage

Life Transitions

Laura Key

Each one of us is either experiencing a life transition or about to enter one. It's important to reflect on what season you're in and prepare for what's ahead. In this seminar, we'll look to God's Word for guiding principles and discuss practical ways to prepare for or adjust to a new life transition.

For Such A Time As This – Living An Intentional Life

Mark Lightfoot

We as Christians have a great blessing from God because we have a purpose in living that the world can never know. Yet we must live intentionally to realize that blessing fully.

Is Critical Theory Biblical? What's the Woke Worldview?

Joshua Key

Critical Theory has been around a long time, but was mostly limited to academia...until recently. From the growing popularity of getting "woke" to the activism and unrest of 2020, Critical Theory has broken into the mainstream and made in-roads in the church. As such, Christians should put in the effort to understand this influential worldview in society today - and how to respond to it. This workshop will serve as an introduction and overview for just that. We'll discuss:
• Important features of Critical Theory
• Ways in which Critical Theory agrees with and contradicts the Bible
• Practical strategies for engaging with someone who holds the Critical Theory worldview.

 Vessels 2021

Seminar Schedule

Vessels moves awfully quick! Explore and download our schedule to make sure you don't miss anything. If you have any questions or are looking for any details, send us a message on Facebook. See you on campus!